The girl of the million faces asked 5 days ago

Do you like donuts? What's your favorite one? And how many can you eat in a row?

There are some boxed powdered cake donuts with raspberry filling that I love. 😍


Not really. Occasionally I'll eat the coconut ones if someone brought them for an office meeting or something.

Rarely, regular chocolate, one.




Not a big fan of donuts tbh. When I was a kid I always wanted a sprinkled donut because they're cute. But I never wanted to eat one because they tasted like gooey sugar bombs, and not in a good way imo.

I love them. My favorite donuts are the caramel and kinder ones that I got from an expensive shop as a birthday present. I can't manage any more than two, they get a bit sickening after awhile


Yes, I do'nt eat them often, but as it so happens I got a box of them yesterday. I like plain Krispy Kreme glazed donuts (these ones aren't Krispy Kreme, I think they were made by the grocery store, but they're just as good as them) and I also like maple.


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Sure I do - I like just like a regular old glazed, I don't need sprinkles and junk rolling off all over the place ... I don't think I have ever had more than two at once, and I feel like three would put me in shock or something

I like a chocolate glazed donut, but I can barely eat one


I'm not very fond of those. Probably the most plain ones are about right. All the sugar coated, pinky blue and cream topped things on offer are not my cup of tea tbh.


Honestly no, not really. I'm not super into sugary foods anymore, I prefer their cousin the bagel.


yes , glazed and as many as I can


I like them but I never had vegan donuts. Need them so bad!!!

I like dunkin..2-3