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For you, Which piece of bacon is cooked to perfection? Check the picture below.

4 but I don't even like bacon strips that much. bits only babey. for the cronch


If I have to eat bacon I want it to be 6 and I want it to tear through my throat from the inside and KILL ME

5! I stand by my choice.


3 - Although, as I'm British, I grew up eating back bacon, so I preferred that over streaky bacon (when I still ate red meat).

Between 3 and 4


Numero tres. The key to crispy bacon is to start cooking it on a cold pan, but I like my bacon to have a little stringiness/ham-like quality to it so I warm up the pan first.



The correct opinion is 4, everyone else hates bacon

2 or 3, probably closer to 3 (actually somewhere between 2 and 3)


4, the rest are unnecessary


3 is about right if the cook had not put the bacon off the center of the pan, so that part of it is still raw! As a rule of thumb I would say all the fat has to be glassy and not white any more, plus the meat and the fringes have to have a spotty dark bro


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