The girl of the million faces asked 3 days ago

What's the best soundtrack made for a 007 movie?

I like one 007 movie song a lot, Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow, so whichever 007 soundtrack that's in. Wikipedia says it's the 18th bond movie from 1994 or something like that.


Hm ... I've never been a fan of those distinct 007 song types, and I only seem to remember "For your Eyes only" ... not that I think this is especially good but it reminds me of those diving scenes....


I don't know about the full soundtracks, but my favourite themes are 'Live and Let Die' and 'You Know My Name'. I was surprised that the latter was ranked so low on the lists I just looked at.

For the first time in this movie and right at the end he says this icon line and then we see the credits. The music playing there is the best soundtrack made for a zero zero seven movie. Starts at 1:20

You know my name.


Sheena easton...for your eyes only