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To Whom does the Corona virus benefit?

The environment, apparently.


Mother Nature


Nobody, which is why Trump is shit scared of losing his fortune and willing to risk killing thousands of his own people by easing restrictions.

Ed Hunter

Nobody has gained from this - unless you count the planet, since its getting a chance to breathe again. It doesn't benefit the Chinese, the Americans or anybody else the conspirators claim.

Nobody wins here.

Nobody really. But there might be a sort of people who squeeze a profit out of any doom. I've read that in former times people who sold expensive "cures" to plague victims were burnt like witches? We could put legislation like this into effect again?


What Jacqueline said. Everybody but humans.


Planet Earth and all other creature that is not human. (I hate to say this) but since most have stayed dormant and indoors there have been improvements in the worlds health. Less smog and pollutants in the air. Tragic really that the world can't have balan


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Toilet paper companies I guess


The taxpayer. Boomers are depleting every country of their public pension funds and other entitlement programs. There's just way too many of them proportional to how many able bodied workers there are contributing to tax coffers. Kind of hilarious that it'


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Zoro, he finally can fuckin retire.


Captains of industry seem to do well no matter what... Maybe Nihilists? Maybe anarchists? Probably some overlap in these... Anyway I don't think any governments are crumbling. Yet.

The people in power who want only 500 million - 1 billion people on earth as slaves. But it will never work.