Karina asked about 1 year ago

You're not a GAMER, are you?


You're not a GAMER, are you?

I soon will be Lord of Arcana.

what? nooooo

Answered by hokkqi

of course not, why would I?

i am

Answered by xvilyv

sorry but im gay :/

Answered by Lulu

muh rhythm games

Answered by Tina

I'm always GAMING not because I don't have a life but because I chose to HATE minorities and women.

Answered by nick

Yes I'm not

Not to an extreme extent but I have considered making a gaming channel a few times. And just uploading videos for fun on there whenever. Who knows, maybe if im consistent it could work out for me haha

I play a few games but I wouldn't call myself a gamer TBH. plus I'm bad at most games I play

I like to play videogames but i dont base my whole personality on it

No. I'm not