Pawesome asked 3 months ago

What is your alcoholic beverage of choice?

Whisky, wine, beer, gin tonic. If you can offer me one of those, I am happy. (As long as it is good stuff)


Vodka, but in a mixed drink.


I gotta go with beer, Bailey's (or similar), Cahipirihnas or Champagne

Wine. Only and always wine.


Erdinger Weißbier


I used to like ale. Hobgoblin and Abbot Ale were my favourites.

Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash, 1 Gallon

Also acceptable: sucking isopropyl alcohol from a hospital rag

rekorderlig cider is my absolute fave

I'm not a hard core person regarding drinks, I could barely tolerate soda, seven up is my top.


I like margaritas tbh and piña coladas when I'm feeling extra.

Kahlua, white Russian, stuff like that. There are a few other alcoholic beverages I like (which I listed in another post just a week or two ago), but Kahlua and such are my favorites.


I'm a fan of mojitos and margaritas but I'm not hugely picky, just get me drunk with something other than rotgut fortified wine

I love white Russians and mojitos