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Daniel asked 5 days ago · 7 Answers
What is the smallest object that has a colour?

I have a ring that has all different types/colours of precious stones in it. Honestly, the tanzanite stone is the smallest coloured thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 14 Answers
Do you find wealthy people sexually more attractive than poorer people?

Only if they’ve gone to public (private) school and sound like Hugh Grant.

ZouBisouBisou asked 4 days ago · 13 Answers
A friend of mine recently converted to Judaism so she could mary her soon to be husband. Would you ever do this for someone?

No. While it’s fine with me for my partner to hold religious views (although to be honest, I probably wouldn’t be with them to start with because I think people who believe in any kind of superior being have some kind of mental deficiency), it would be o


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korstybai asked 4 days ago · 11 Answers
What's the point in having morals?

Morals are like table-manners: they’re to benefit others more than yourself. So, in the same way you wouldn’t ram your steak and chips down your face with your hands in your local Harvester on a Friday night (because nobody wants to have to witness that),


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ZouBisouBisou asked 4 days ago · 9 Answers
What's an activity only ever experienced by the Uber wealthy? I'd say a round of Polo with the brahs whilst in a crested blazer.

Getting Harrods to open out of hours just for you to go shopping.

Daniel asked 4 days ago · 14 Answers
What is the most expensive object that you have held in your hands?
korstybai asked 4 days ago · 11 Answers
Would you dump your s/o if they farted or queefed during sex?

It happened to me once. After three or four queefs we couldn’t do anything for laughing.

Penelope asked 5 days ago
If you were the eighth dwarf (in ‘Snow White’) what would your name be?


Daniel asked 5 days ago · 10 Answers
Do you enjoy watching Formula 1 or other motorsport?

I try my very best not to have to watch any kind of sport.

🌺 ❥Fading🌺 asked 8 days ago · 16 Answers
Someone says to you >"You're cute, when you're mad" - What do you do/say/or think?

“Really?” smack “How cute do I look now, you condescending git?”

Daniel asked 6 days ago · 12 Answers
What are things that you usally buy when you go to the grocery store?

Bread, milk, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, tomatoes, grapes, red onions, potatoes, bacon, Nutella.

Sirius asked 7 days ago · 4 Answers
I don't understand sexting, what's the big idea ?

You obviously haven’t been doing it right.

Pawesome asked 26 days ago · 8 Answers
What's a compliment you receive often?

“You have lovely skin.”

ZouBisouBisou asked 14 days ago · 7 Answers
Is all this gentrification in cities we're seeing sustainable? Seems like every day there's a new multi-million dollar highrise going up in my old neighborhood. There can't be THAT many yuppies with enough money to afford them all?

London is full of empty luxury apartments bought by foreign investors: at well over one million pounds per bedroom, they’re the only people who can afford them. There are whole blocks with only a scattering of actual tenants in them. They’re really noticea


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ZouBisouBisou asked 14 days ago · 6 Answers
Why is Winston Churchill viewed so favorably by history? Despite being enemies he had a lot in common with Hitler.

Different times. Many very rich, titled British people had a lot in common with Hitler in the 1930s - and some well into the 1940s. (Edward VIII for one.) Hitler was anti-communist and told them what they wanted to hear: that was good enough for them. Most


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