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Yeah baby right here... This is the spot...

ZouBisouBisou asked about 10 hours ago · 7 Answers
Who's your favorite philosopher? Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Adam Smith for me.

I'm interested in existentialism, so probably guys like Camus and Sartre...I really liked Candide, but I don't know much about Voltaire outside of it...but he's interesting as well

Pandy asked about 8 hours ago · 9 Answers
Have you been tested for COVID 19?

Yeah I travel too much and my immune system is less than good, it's a hate crime against me if you don't wear a mask TBH

ZouBisouBisou asked about 10 hours ago · 8 Answers
What's the nastiest response you've ever gotten from someone regarding an opinion you hold? Some woman sent me lots of nasty hate mail because I merely said I'd never ruin my body by becoming pregnant.

Whenever I complain about {insert useless Democrat here] I can rely upon some hate from a fan of theirs, my personal favorite was that I was a childish weak-minded misanthrope, mind you I wasn't even talking to this guy, I was chatting with someone else an


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ZouBisouBisou asked about 10 hours ago · 9 Answers
What's something besides watch TV that you do at home to relax?

I don't watch TV (takes deep sniff) Mostly I'll either do puzzles like sudoku, or trivia like or play a video game, right now I'm doing a Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough and being as huge a jerk in my choices as possible, not that it really


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DUST asked 2 days ago · 5 Answers
What's the name of your God(s)?

Morgan Freeman, obvs

Chris Martinez asked 2 days ago · 4 Answers
creating media ( TV, Movies,Videos) is harder than creating a baby. Try making something from nothing. Make it entertaining, and do it weekly. I can lay on my back and be fucked all the live long day. It doesn't take any creative energy to do.😂

I give quite a bit of leeway to people who perform/entertain for a living for that reason, especially considering they are subject to the whims of a) a jaded public that's over everything, and worse, b) the people who bankroll them (and thus have editorial


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DUST asked 2 days ago · 6 Answers
What's your guess? Is all written in the stars? Or does free will exist?

I believe there are constraints - things that are always going to happen, and things that are never going to happen...but I believe there is are wide paths in between those that are completely up to you

DUST asked 2 days ago · 6 Answers
How important is for you to be someone else's priority?

not very, I'd probably be unnerved by being a little too high priority to somebody

7amza asked 3 days ago · 7 Answers
Do you eat fast or slow, do you drink fast or slow?

fast fast fast, maybe I will get lucky and choke on something

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 10 Answers
A new study shows that the cognitive abilities of baby boomers in the US decline faster as they get older than at the generation before them. The causes are unclear. What do you think are the causes?

the hypocrisy of them having a social programs and a safety net and then working feverishly to yank it away from future generations causes their brains to melt

Chris Martinez asked 1 day ago · 4 Answers
related to my last post. I think that if you've never tried to create something. U have no right to critique other ppl's work. Youve never made anything yourself. U don't have the talent to do it or the guts to try. Your opinion is less then meaningless

I think you get to critique whoever's work you want to - I don't know a lot about how to fix a car, but I can sure as shit say it's not supposed to be belching black smoke into the air when it leaves the shop - what matters is your tone and attitude about


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Chris Martinez asked 1 day ago · 3 Answers
Voice actress Laura Bailey played that muscle chick in last of us P2. And she was threatened for that role. They even threatened to kill her baby. I'm like how dare you. Its a game, DON'T BUY IT!! They don't need u its sold a million copies already

The culture is so damn toxic, and unfortunately the worst are also the loudest. I've watched the first little bit of somebody's stream, and while she rubs me the wrong way, I'm reserving judgment on the character because I don't know what's going on with h


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7amza asked 1 day ago · 3 Answers
Do you understand both people together ?

No I only understand apart 🙁

Wasserpistole asked 1 day ago · 5 Answers
Name something you would give your life for without hesitating?

psh practically anything, my life is worthless, I'll jump into an oven to pull pineapple off of a pizza 😛

Pandy asked 1 day ago · 5 Answers
Have you ever been completely enchanted by someone? If so, I'd love to hear how it happened.

Yes she was and continues to be amazing and I long to be a speck of cosmic dust in her universe 🤮 nah but really she's dope AF and she so could have my babies 👶