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Retrospring 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yeah baby right here... This is the spot...

Chris Martinez asked about 4 hours ago · 3 Answers
I saw a behind tthe scenes shoot of a porn. & the director had the funniest voice.. He's like We have to get the best angle so u have to eat the POOssy, U must eat the POOssy multiple times.. He's got like 5 OOO in it XD

Oh, I just assume every director has some affect like that. And a scarf.

Daniel asked about 18 hours ago · 14 Answers
I am once again asking you for a random fact.

In 2017 dozens of DJs were interviewed about the songs they are most often forbbiden from playing at weddings... The top 5:

The Chicken Dance, the ChaCha Slide, Macarena, Cupid Shuffle, YMCA

Enjoy the full list:


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Chris Martinez asked about 17 hours ago
Debbie Does Nothing For a Few Months, Me Myself & my hand, #PandemicSexTapeTitles XD You're turn

Have they done one where it's a huge circle, like a gymnasium they rented out, and everybody goes to town with those dildos on a six foot stick? Rule 34 suggests yes

Daniel asked about 6 hours ago · 5 Answers
In which ways are you not ideal?

Does this thing have a character limit? Haha nah really I am a paragon of humanity, look upon me and weep at your inadequacy

@liz£h asked about 8 hours ago · 9 Answers
Do you ever wear a face mask in public? Do you wear it to protect yourself or others?

No, I'm not sure whether to bother, information is all over the place... For now I'm sticking with washing my hands and covering up if I cough/sneeze and the six foot rule

The girl of the million faces asked about 6 hours ago · 5 Answers
Government ruled another 15 more days of confinement (til April 25th) in Spain 😑. And I know it will take longer... What about there where you are? How are things going?

I think our governor made ours May 12, somewhere in there? I'm considering venturing for groceries, I hit my limit of canned fruit cocktail, and last time I got the kind in the heavy syrup instead of fruit juice 👎

Chris Martinez asked about 11 hours ago · 5 Answers
where do you think you were conceived? XD

Cheap hotel, backseat of a Buick, the possibilities are endless. I'm never going to ask

Pandy asked about 11 hours ago · 10 Answers
Are you looking after yourself well at the moment?

No, I had Flamin Hot Lay's chips and red soda (fruit punch?) for 'breakfast' and I'm only getting out of bed again today to pee. Though there is an empty soda bottle now, hm....

Wasserpistole asked about 13 hours ago · 3 Answers
Niels Bohr or Albert Einstein?

Who's smarter? Accomplished more? Who do I like better? Einstein seems to have gotten more mainstream press in life, so he's the only one I have much insight into... So let's just say 'not enough data to make a conclusion'

Wasserpistole asked about 14 hours ago · 5 Answers
How often do you enjoy fruits? I just had some raspberries, that is why I ask.

Love me some fruit, eat it all the time, nature's candy and all that

Chris Martinez asked about 19 hours ago · 6 Answers
since we are all going to inevitably parish from the virus i don't want to wait to hear what kind words u will say about me. tell me what u will say at my funeral?:)

I wouldn't speak, I feel like it would be more appropriate to give the Asian hookers my time

Chris Martinez asked about 15 hours ago
do u remember this? :)

I wasn't allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons because not even the tiniest bit of joy was permitted

Daniel asked about 19 hours ago · 9 Answers
Capitalism-yay or nay?

The single biggest problem with it is that it seems to require constant infinite growth to remain stable - feels like a house of cards, doesn't take much for it to collapse. The crashes are inevitable, and there is a human cost to them that no government s


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The girl of the million faces asked about 18 hours ago · 6 Answers
What do you think you're late for?

My sister's quinceanera

Chris Martinez asked about 16 hours ago · 6 Answers
what video game are you ashamed u never beat? :)

I'm not really ashamed about any of them, I probably just wasn't into them or something, or maybe I sucked at them. OK I sucked and didn't beat Dark Souls but I'm not ashamed, I own my suckiness