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What's the most, um, unconventional health care/wellness advice you ever tried out? Did you have any luck with it? (mild nudity)

I tried apple cider vinegar for my hair and was quite pleased with the results. Also I've used this black glue stuff from China for my pours. It's made with bamboo charcoal. Works as advertised, but I hate how long it takes to ship here.

Taking MDMA. My struggle with anxiety is well documented, and that includes being too nervous to approach people and being uncertain whether people like me. The drug got rid of that of course - I was being more open and I realized that people actually like


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Wearing a mask downstairs after a hangover .. (no nudity)


The only thing I've done that would be considered slightly unconventional is marijuanas. If I'm in the right state of mind it really helps me de-stress


who is she?


u had me at mild nudity :P No i've never done anything except weed,, which cures alot btw:)

I ate a turtle and had it’s blood smeared all over my face. I believe I might have discussed this before.


lmao, I don't get any wack ass (pun intended) advice like that

Spirit-healing. Because I read that many people have intense feeling while it was going on, so I wanted to check if I could feel anything. I felt something but nothing intense.