Shad asked over 1 year ago

You have 100€ to burn, all your friends are busy and you have the whole day to yourself, what do you do ?

I'm going to buy one booster box of magic: The Gathering.

Screw the rules ! (Like a boss) Summon a dragon ! (Like a boss) Invent a Duel Disk ! (Like a boss) Jump out the window ! (Like a boss) Rescue my brother ! (Like a boss) Hang up the phone ! (Like a boss) Impressed by rocks ! (Like a boss) Collect the God Ca


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Du canyoning !

go threat myself to some good food and buy some random things I guess


buy nice food for me and Nova and keep the rest to make presents later or for transition


jsp, je vais faire des courses et j'achète plein de glaces

et avec le reste j'achète un cadeau d'anniv en retard à Max, astuce

Je les dépense pas, je les mets dans ma cagnotte pour ma transition et je me réjouis de ne pas servir le capitalisme

"you have the whole day to yourself", that's just the usual so guess I'll just go on with my day and keep that money in my wallet and spend them on a trip some other day to see my friends when they stop being busy

I'll probably go buy some RPG books, maybe eat at some restaurant depending how much I have left after this...