Shannon asked 2 months ago

Have you had a productive day?


Have you had a productive day?

Though it's my off day, I think I have so far. I finally configured my system to play YouTube videos from MPV player. Now I can watch YouTube videos at speeds greater than 2x! I also cooked lentil soup for the first time. It was delicious.

Answered by Arman


Answered by LaDamaX

Not particularly, just another day closer to the sweet sweet embrace of the Reaper

Yes, got a lot of work done both house and office work, and had some time to game with the wife, great day.

Answered by Luis

More so than usual.

Lot of meetings - so hard to say if they will end up leading to progress. But year, a worthwhile day so far. How about you?

Answered by Pandy

Not really

Answered by MERIDA

I made it one for the others, so a little merit falls back on me too.

If you mean working for monetary gains, then no


Answered by Saater