Shannon asked 4 months ago

Tell me about your job. How did you get into it?


Tell me about your job. How did you get into it?

It's somehow related to IT. I used to work in another company with one of my friends. After sometime that we both quit, he told me that he with the help of his advising professor is going to start a startup company and asked me to join ...

I went to school and liked very few of my teachers—end of story.

I was a federal government contractor working with homeland security but I decided to try to get my soul back and now I do similar work but for schools and nonprofits instead of the military and fucking cops

I actually just transitioned out of my job back to school. working on my second degree now. I applied a year ago n got in earlier this year

Caregiver at a nursing home I look after the elderly.. my uncle got me the job:)

I teach the maths. It just happened.

I probably wouldn't have applied for it if I wasn't so bored with the lockdown, most of the other jobs were just factories.

I slipped in due to a recommendation by a friend and since then stayed building my own workplace, job and company standing.

My Mama was a popular physicist in her time and she encouraged me to go to college /University after my Army Service was over. I also served in the Israeli Army for 18 months. After I graduated, I got a job in a small Uni in Toulouse, and then in Paris. I


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