Shannon asked 5 months ago

Where are you right now in your life?


Where are you right now in your life?

Recovery then going through all the shit without complaining and blaming, stage.

I won't complain. It's not the place where I'd want to be, but I'm definitely closer. I'm content and proud of myself for getting all what I've gotten. Above all, knowing from where I come

I am in a transitioning phase. I am still a rebel at heart, but I do not need to kill idiots on a weekly basis, I get too tired when I do that, I should start pushing them into the crocodile pond instead.

Could be doing better, could be doing a lot worse.

☝️ addicted to caffeine and vitamins, workout every morning and work is a unbalanced because in November my dad passed away so I have had so much to deal with. I also opened up to dating before my dad passed and it seems I'm in a relationship and might meet his parents dec 26th. 👀 did I ever imagine the year end like this? Oh.. Hell.. No... Am I trying to work hard so I don't screw up somehow.. Yes.. Yes I am.. I miss retro but it's tough to balance time some days

In a decent place. Maybe 2 mild things away from being a 'success' in life.