Shannon asked 12 months ago

Any advice to your younger self?


Any advice to your younger self?

Pay attention to more than one thing, pace yourself rather than hardheadedly trying to give without a proper way, all at once. Don't rush, relax and chill out a bit, invest in self improvement. It's better for the long term.

Stop. turn back now before it's too late

psst, the grownups are just out here winging it, they don't know any more than you do, just keep doing your thing and try to enjoy yourself, don't make yourself miserable just so they will STFU

Do not stop lessons about sword practise. Increase those!

Don't let me down, or you'll be let down to.

Plenty of them, actually. But most important one. Trust yourself and Be true to who you are because at the end of the day, it's gonna be you the only one solving your problems and fighting your battles. No one is gonna come and save you

For duck's sake, convince everyone you know to buy as much bitcoin as they can and store it in a safe place.

Move to New Zealand, no later than November 2019

Go for it. Whatever it is don't quit because others are negative. You can and will find a way. People will always judge so turn a blind eye cause... Listen.. You got this and.. Yes... People will pass away and not be in your life but you have to be strong to live on and shine so their memory keeps on going into eternity.

Don't open the packs of pokemon cards.