Shannon asked 14 days ago

How do you make new friends?


How do you make new friends?

Find people you think you are interested in. Actively seek to get acquainted with them. Focus on the good vibes they might bring. Be nice to them and show you like them. Find mutual interests or mutual good vibes. That's it basically.

Depends on your routine. If you often meet the same people, just talk to them.

mostly through my other friends. Also in work I have so many friends. One or twice I went to night bars to meet a few sluts, hahah..

You invite them out to do stuff, then if they join in and invite you out - over time you just sort of become friends.

I go about my daily life and interact w people through work and other activities. Somehow, we just seem to click with certain people.

lure them in with free pizza and then drop a net on them