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What's your opinion on Madonna?


What's your opinion on Madonna?

She was a wonderful, confident singer and brilliant songwriter in her day. At least two of her songs are in my list of all-time favorites. I first heard her album Ray of Light at a time when the songs in it went perfectly with what I was experiencing in my life at that time. Also, I once spent like an hour half-awake imagining a scenario in my head where I met a girl, got into a relationship with her, and healed her of her emotional issues, then she left me.. and at the moment I was done imagining and fully woke up, I'll Remember by Madonna came on the radio. The lyrics are about the same thing I was imagining.


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I used to love her albums from the 80s-90s

Never cared about her or her music. Honestly I can't even name one of her songs.

I like a couple of her 80s stuff. I don't like how some of my friends idolise her, she basically used people and fucked her way to the top.

First few albums were great, not a huge fan of the way she is nowadays though

great singer , unbelievable bad actress. probably a nice person.I like her songs when I am driving. She has great driving music

I really don’t like her music / voice

I can't really say much about her, except that I suspect if I had to hang out with her I would be annoyed by something she said in under three minutes...oh and I'm annoyed when people like her go adopt African kids like there's not one in LA who needs a home