Shannon asked 12 days ago

What's your opinion on Stephen king?


What's your opinion on Stephen king?

Well, hm, the only book of him I've read is 'cemetery of the pets'. It felt not convincing enough to really give me the shivers.

Not a fan of the horror genre. The Green Mile, though— beautiful! 💯

Fantastic writer when he's on form, awful when he's not.

Also cannot write an ending worth a damn and weirdly focuses on women's nipples when they're scared or in danger.

Dark Tower slams though and so does 'Salems Lot.

Carrie was shite, though

Prolific writer. Also it's interesting that he doesn't use adverbs. He said something on Twitter once that I agreed with, but I don't remember what. Also, I guess he may have a dark streak to him, since he likes to say, "I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my desk."

I think his books made into movies are a bit over-rated . But I really do think his genre of books are averagely good. They never scare me when his books are made in movies