Shannon asked 12 days ago

Should parents have to pay for school trips?


Should parents have to pay for school trips?

Here school trips are a matter of parents consent. When they consent there is a policy to support those who cannot afford it.

I felt like we did... I distinctly remember my mom having to make a "donation" in order for me to go on or 5th grade school trip.. idk if parents should have to though. Just another way to separate the rich kids from the poor ones. And another way for kids to get teased for it

Nope if a public school is taking the class to the museum or wherever then that school should be working out admission with the museum and not hitting up parents

'Have to', no. But they should be given opportunities for above and beyond school trips that cost money, they can always say no.

I have never paid for trips when I studied in public schools, so no.

I would prefer they don't so that poor kids don't get excluded.

If it's educational then it should be subsidized by educational ministries I think with a portion been paid by the Parents of child. Assuming the parents can afford to pay a percentage