Jyrki 🦊🐾 asked 4 months ago · 9 Answers
How would you like to see Retrospring evolve?

Very grateful honestly this site is still up. Minor suggestions:

✔Is there anyway that *when you ask a question -you click on 1 notification response and this action gets rid of the others too under the same question? That way you can read them at once on the questioned answers page. This would reduce having to click on every single notification (similar to how consecutive smiles and replies work on a single answer). I love asking questions and reading replies but it gets stressful knowing I have to click on them individually. I'm unfortunately back tracked. Eventhough, I know I could open notifications on a different tab and that would eliminate all active alerts. Simultaneously making me a question bot that loses track of the interactions with the community because I've asked too many questions. ✔Could imagery such as photo/video/or gif be embedded somehow? ✔What if there was a community anon submission box/option? Where there was some part of the page where you clicked and submitted a question for the masses. Users would then click on the anonymous coward bar to reveal diverse mystery of questions all at once (separately from the normal inbox) . You could even answer your own question if you wanted to. ✔A small flag option on posts/questions where if it's too violent/aggressive/harrassment and its marked by at least 3-5 users to be cast off/censored . ✔Share options bar/page. Where everyone can post links to music or whatever they want that doesn't apply to questions. Having the option to comment would be a plus. Just a page for unified comradery.