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πŸ₯€ Name something you want to get done in 2022- (you got this!)

🌺 AnayaOhNo

πŸ₯€ Name something you want to get done in 2022- (you got this!)

I want to (finally) wind up my brother’s affairs - and burn that massive pile of paperwork I’ve had sitting on my desk for over a year!

I want to improve my relationship with food. Keep working on my menthal and economy stability to reach my "goals". Enjoy life more...

get a raise, get a motorbike, get a new apartment hopefully

I want to get rid of nagging plans and schedules.

What I want to do I probs won't be able to do because of COVID. I want to travel to JAPAN but unlike our country who has let every Tom dick and Harry in Japan have closed there borders to everybody! So you can't go I've been wanting this since 2020 but covid 2021 but covid 2022 but OMNICRON covid. So now I'm just going to save for another year and hope! 2023 I can go to Japan as I wanted to for for spring , summer , autumn and winter.

Go away COVID.

Get my friend in Norway to come over if she doesn't come over for Christmas like she wanted to. Because we have a bunch of wrapped presents for her.

  1. Repair my house and get it back to a point where I'm happy with it again. 2. Be more social, take more opportunities for fun. 3. Be on the path or get to chartered in my field. 4. Learn to drive (finally).