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How do you celebrate the winter holidays in your respective country? Is there caroling? religious ceremonies? anything distinguishable or special?

All of those. Along with drinking :P

eating and sleeping


I've only encountered carolers once or twice but for the most part in the US everyone celebrates the traditional christmas


Probably very similar to the way you celebrate. It’s tamal and pozole season.


Travel to a warm country


I spend it with my family


Aquí, en invierno, es típico comer castañas asadas y garrapiñadas en la calle mientras paseas y ves las Luces de Navidad, así como los Belenes que se montan para Navidad. En casa, nos acompañan los típicos Dulces Navideños (polvorones y turrones). El 25 de


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It is pretty standard to carefully assemble and arrange an advent calendar for someone you love. We go to the Christmas market and drink Glühwein or Feuerzangenbowle. We put a little present and sweets into the shoes of children (or adults) before the morn


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Yes, in this country it is an old custom that when the frost freezes over all the water channels and small rivers people put on their ice skating gear and roam the channels and skate to far places and carry with them food and drinks and do it in groups and


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