I enjoy rhythm games, Japanese arcade games, Linux, programming, anime, music and digital art. I'm actually a cat who tries to look human.

Paris, France
Any subject is fine! It's fun to answer questions so don't hesitate to ask anything!

Anonymous Cowardは28日前に質問しました
why are you so intelligent like why is your brain so big i still can't understand this

I'm not I'm very dumb I just love clicky music games and writing code

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Anonymous Cowardは約1ヶ月前に質問しました
Do you think earth is both flat and round ? Since everyone is providing lots of evidence, is reality really that hard ?

the fuck

Anonymous Cowardは約1ヶ月前に質問しました
What sort of unusual animals do you like and why ?

Unusual animals? Somebody made me like otters, I also like raccoons/tanukis and turtles. I'm not fond of animals aside from cats and dogs.

Anonymous Cowardは約1ヶ月前に質問しました
A good habit to improve your spirits .

Hmm, try to focus on things that make you feel nice, like listening to music, tidying up your space, going outside. There are plenty of things that make us feel good that we forget to do more often.

Anonymous Cowardは約1ヶ月前に質問しました
A nice drink you like .

I like Schweppes Agrum', surprisingly I can't seem to find it outside France?? Also Ramune, Pepsi, or any soda really

Karina約1ヶ月前に質問しました · 14 回答
You're not a GAMER, are you?

muh rhythm games

Anonymous Cowardは4ヶ月前に質問しました
yuri ou yaoi ?


Anonymous Cowardは6ヶ月前に質問しました
whats your most/least favourite programmer languag

Python is fun, C comes close, C++ and PHP are totally not fun

Anonymous Cowardは6ヶ月前に質問しました
Plans for 2020?

SL inf on voltex, and getting a part-time job starting August, probably

Anonymous Cowardは11ヶ月前に質問しました
What's your fav rhythm game in term of technicity?

Even though a bit complicated to get in, beatmania IIDX is the most complete, well-designed, fully fledged, rhythm game.

Anonymous Cowardは11ヶ月前に質問しました
Pourquoi tu préfères Ness à Lucas ?

De base simplement pour le chara design. Maintenant après l'avoir beaucoup joué je trouve beaucoup plus marrant de combo avec Ness qu'avec Lucas!

It isn't related to rhythm games but do you know Toontown Online ?

No I don't! I only saw a screenshot once. Also don't feel obligated to ask about rhythm games....

Anonymous Cowardは約1年前に質問しました
What is your opinion on JavaScript and PHP? And why they suck?

Good languages, good syntaxes, horrible ecosystems. Also PHP's own development is like children voting for class representative which is hilarous

Anonymous Cowardは約1年前に質問しました
Est ce qu'il y a un artiste pas connue tu aimerais faire découvrir aux autres ?

En dessin : rurudo, くれ, 塩街 (!!! ce qu'il fait est incroyable), 凪白みと, 寺田てら, へびつかい (!!! doublement incroyable). En musique c'est plus compliqué, j'écoute trop de choses, du coup là comme ça je vais dire Ocelot/Ginsuke, il fait des tracks super cool et intére