Je ne brûlerai jamais mes ailes.

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100% Jewish and Proud

MERIDA asked 1 day ago · 7 Answers
What's the definitive hint that makes you think "I'm emotionally exhausted"?

When I become snappy with people/friends even cranky . My emotions seem to related with sexula frustration

Shannon asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
Would you move away from your home town?

Yes. 3 days a week I live in Paris for work anyway which is around 600 km from my home. But I would leave my home for another easily as long as it was in Europe. I would never go very far away. One day maybe

MERIDA asked 1 day ago · 8 Answers
Are you afraid of taking action and create a better future for yourself?

A bit. I wanna go to live in Greece but I keep 'holding back' ..I think it's fear a little bit

Shannon asked 2 days ago · 10 Answers
How much money would you need to do everything you want to do?

Guessing around 100,000 euro to leave thi country and move to another for ever..

BidenLadysMan asked 1 day ago · 2 Answers
What kind of music would ppl be surprised you like? For me J-pop.. 😁

The 80's pop music. People think I only like stuff my mama and papa like. So mainly I listen to French musik, but i love the 80 's dtuff in English, The beatles, Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunckle etc.

Shannon asked 2 days ago · 6 Answers
Yay or nay?

yay to friendship, nay to bullies

MERIDA asked 2 days ago · 10 Answers
What helps you to relieve stress?

I use music , meditation and prayer. Music is the best one

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago
The Régime de Vichy were cruel beyond belief towards their prisoners. Does that make them French people sub-human race of people ?

No it makes the Vichy Government Sub Human

Karen's boyfriend asked 3 days ago · 2 Answers
Rank your people skills.

111 out of 100

BidenLadysMan asked 3 days ago · 2 Answers
Did the site go down for a few min? I couldn't feel your warm embrace, and it freaked me out 😆

I think it went down for a while this morning. Sorry I only embrase girls..hahah

Anonymous Coward asked 3 days ago
you're a woman who was raped and deserved it

you are so cute, you say the cutest thing

Anonymous Coward asked 3 days ago
you will never find my account on here

I'm not even looking. So have a good hiding game

Anonymous Coward asked 3 days ago
strasbourg is rightful german land and shall be again

Who cares/ It's full of French people and is ruled by Paris, lol

BidenLadysMan asked 3 days ago · 2 Answers
When someone says they'll pray for u, do u think they actually do?

Yes. I believe in prayer and I pray everyday. Two of my friends are Christian like me

BidenLadysMan asked 3 days ago · 2 Answers
In retrospring The Movie. How long before we're in a nude scene together?😏😉

near the end. We reveal our true naked self