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The girl of the million faces asked about 8 hours ago · 6 Answers
What song would you choose as a background music for your (marriage) proposal?

"Im wunderschönen Monat Mai" Heine/Schumann - "En el maravilloso mes de mayo!" Schumanna/Hainosa

The girl of the million faces asked about 10 hours ago · 3 Answers
Is leaving to be brave too?

In a romantic relationship when you feel that you are not good for her or him? No! She/he wants you to stay. It is brave to make it work.

Anonymous Coward asked about 14 hours ago
go wash them ass cheeks!

To be or not to be, what shall it be?

Daniel asked about 14 hours ago · 8 Answers
What does being in love feel like?

You never? I have been in love before, but feelings of joy, alone, positive feelings were seldom guests. Most of the time I was vunerable and desperate. To be happy in love makes life worth living for a few days but that's it. And the price is so damn high


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Chris Martinez asked about 19 hours ago · 6 Answers
if i wanted to break you're most treasured possession what would it be? For me it's my hymen, i already glued it back together :P

I thought only women.

The girl of the million faces asked 1 day ago · 12 Answers
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought "Wow, you look good"?

Must be in a former life. Not in this one.

Chris Martinez asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
you have won a contest you get to spend one night (12hrs) with either Miley Cyrus or Lady GaGa who do u pick? i pick Miley cause u know she'll fuck ya. Miley will smoke pot with you and ride u like a wrecking ball my kind of Saturday night:P

I sell you my price, let us say 30€ and 5 cents?

@liz£h asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
How can you tell if someone really loves you or just settling with you?

When they are very vunerable. When they are ready to give everything for you.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago
name a few people who dislike on here the most?

There about 3-4. I don't follow any of them. Don't want to say names.

Chris Martinez asked 2 days ago · 5 Answers
there's a guy got 25yrs in jail for hitting a drunk woman in a club Damn i can beat someone half to death and get less time. Does the law still consider women a weaker sex? u want equality ladies u have to learn how to get knocked the fuck out:)

How is that possible? Aren't there limits on how severe you can punish someone in court for a certain crime? Must be an asshole to hit a drunk woman and he deserves jail and shit but 25yrs? Others can rape and murder and get less. Guess I need to know much


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inhahe asked 2 days ago · 8 Answers
If one million people wanted to kill you, but you were innocent, and they blamed you for a f-cking stupid reason, and you could live by killing all of them, would you? How about a thousand? A hundred? Ten?

I kill one if that stops their shit. This is not murder, not at all. It is self protection.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago
What do you think about society?

Kali Yuga.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago
Can you play the piano?

I cannot read music.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago
Do you like muffins?

They taste good.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago
What is your favourite sports team?

I don't care about sport teams. And I like that fact about myself.