Wasserpistole asked 12 days ago

Do you like the name Ariel?


Do you like the name Ariel?


Answered by IAWIA

Not for a child. That’s actually the name of a Mexican laundry soap. 🧼 👕 👖

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I prefer Persil!

Answered by Ed Hunter

I think it would be a good name, if not for the fact that it will never not make me think only of The Little Mermaid.

Answered by inhahe

no, bc I know someone with that name and she just constantly screams white guilt. can't stand it

Answered by slagathor

Yes, the little mermaid.

Answered by 7amza

reminds me of another wrestler girl I know with big tits, for an extra 40 bucks she'd let me go under the sea 😄

one of my friends is all about the Little Mermaid and loves it and since she was like 16 she was always going to name her daughter Ariel when she got pregnant, so naturally she's had all boys. Anyway, yeah I guess it's fine