Wasserpistole asked 10 days ago

Do you believe in the third eye?


Do you believe in the third eye?


Answered by J1smith

I more believe in the third nipple.

Answered by Arman

No. Some bihs ain't even have two

Yeah. My friend is into all that stuff, she tried to open her third eye by meditating. She head a headache around the pineal gland.

Answered by korstybai

I believe in you.

Answered by Hana

I know a dude with a third nipple

Yes. And one time I even had a dream where I was in this really nice multi-story house with magical gadgets and such, and I came across this big mirror on the bottom floor and looked into it, and I had a third eye, which was purple, and it became an entire


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Answered by inhahe