Wasserpistole asked 11 months ago

If every person 13+ had to slaughter the animal to get the meat, could you do it?



Well..I'm a vegetarian so NO I definitely couldn't. When I was younger and still ate meat I wouldn't have been able to do it either. Honestly I think most people couldn't kill an animal just to eat it and if people had to kill so they could eat meat...I t


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Nope. So I pay others to do it for me.

No :(

oh well if needed...Yes


I live in the country and grew up poor. I've been taught how to live off the fat of the land since well before 13. Clamming, fishing, foraging, hunting. I was taught how to dispatch a salmon before how to ride a bicycle, even had a little club for doing it


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Not a mammal or bird, but maybe a fish.

I'd quickly become a vegetarian.


They can live thru me 😭 I need the pork chops, bro!