Wasserpistole asked 10 months ago

You have enough money to never work a single day in your life. Would you still have a job?



No way

Just because you HAVE the money to currently doesn't mean you will in the future. You can have the money to do it hypothetically but then blow it easily. People get more greedy with more money typically.


Nope. I'm not work shy, I just hate people. I'd love to be able to afford to never have to deal with the fuckers ever again

Yeah. Not working is boring lol

Of course, I'd be my own boss in a sense and start a company.


Probably... but it would likely be dramatically quitting jobs to start uprisings or to preform the most troll worthy interviews :P


Hell no, id be naked on a beach with a bunch of Ho's

Yes be an advisor


I wouldn't have a job unless I had a lot of money. I'd find some use for my time doing philanthropy. Not having to answer to anyone might be something I can handle. As it is I'm unemployed, and I don't have a lot of money.


I'd buy everyone else's businesses just bc lol and help expand them


Yes, my job would be lying on a beach and only getting up to sip a mai tai or whatever