Wasserpistole asked 11 months ago

Would you rather see a real dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex for example or a Triceratops OR visit the moon for 10 minutes, our moon?

t- rex


To get rich much much better


dinosaurier bitte



Depends on if I can pick the dinosaur or not lol

I don't love either of these, but I guess the T-Rex but only because it doesn't involve me probably hurling on re-entry


That's a long way to go for a 10 minute visit. I'll take the dinosaur

The Moon, if you've ever seen Jurassic Park, you know dinosaurs always end badly!

Give me the saurus, the moon's only truly fantastic in weeb meme games and folklore.

It's literally a barren wasteland with some junk left behind lacking a habitable atmosphere. I feel like I'd get that experience in Detroid or Michigan for free.


At first I'm tempted to see the moon, since dinosaurs are just one more arbitrary creature (while they're rather interesting, I'm not completely enamored with them like a lot of people are) and I've seen plenty of pictures and videos of them. But after thi


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Neither of those. I'd rather get rich!