Wasserpistole asked 8 months ago

Is there anything you want to say to a person but you are too afraid?

no, i speak my mind and tell them straight up how i feel

Honestly I'm a direct and honest person..If I wanna say something to someone I'll just say it


It must be in a case of confessing their feelings to anyone


'I'd make you so happy if you'd let me date you'


I find that if i don't it finds its way out somehow. Its hard to create that safe space to be able to communicate emotions.


Not really afraid, just no point really. I know where we stand.

Yes, it's not easy to tell people how dumb they're, including me.


I'm not sorry, you brought this to yourself, I'm not responsible for spoon feeding everything.

Enjoy the failing grade, it wouldn't have been possible without you.


Actually, fuck what I said previously. I used to be scared of saying sorry but yh, nah. If I could say anything it's probably that I wish things could've been different than what they were/how they turned out, I guess.


Nah, I'm not afraid to say much anything to anybody I want to say anything to - I just don't know that it matters anymore