Wasserpistole asked 6 months ago

Give me a song you can't stand. I go with "Star Casino - Stroll Around the World" It wants to destroy Lumines 2 for me. What is your pick, mate?

I keep on falling in love by alicia keys


There's a loop of music at work, and now every song in it fills me with utter despair. I think I hear Blondie's Heart of Glass like 40 times a day. I get to hear Warren Zevon go, "AH-HHHOOOOOO, Werewolves of London!!" 8,000 times a day.

Paradise City by Guns N‘ Roses. I can't stand Axl Rose's voice, and in the game Burnout Paradise you're forced to hear that song at the title screen every time you play the game.

Baby shark

Fantastic Hey Hey Hey

There's a lot of songs they play in the grocery store like 'Peaches & Herb - Reunited' that are, to me, soul-crushingly listless and distant, like spiritually being locked in a sterile empty room for 500 years. Being in the clean store full of neatly-arran


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So many... where to start—- Sweet Home Alabama, anything by Guns N‘ Roses, Sweet Caroline many songs


The song that made Cardi B a thing, Bodak Yellow - I like Cardi B the person but that is a bad song, sorry not sorry