Wasserpistole asked 6 months ago

Do you know how much money your country spends every year on armament (Rüstung), are you okay with that or do you wish it was less?

no and idc either


we spend way too much (U.S.) and I hate it

A lot more than it should. That's what a terrorist regime do.


Quite a lot, and a lot of which is very bloated and inefficient due to contractual obligations born of cronyism. The whole trillion dollar jet that barely works fiasco is still fresh. Really, our entire military financing and budget structure needs to be r


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I'd rather them be spending money on defense (Wappnung) like proper fucking training instead of whatever sorry state our forces are.


A lot more than I care for. It’s 🐮 💩!


I think America spends more than the next 10 countries combined, or something ridiculous like that - try to give some kids some books or something and every screams 'how you gonna pay for that???'