Wasserpistole asked 3 months ago

When do you usually eat your dinner?

Umm! I like to eat dinner around 10 but sometimes it's closer to 11:30


Around 4:00-500

my room


Between 7 and 8 pm


before 8pm as early as 6pm- I don't have a large dinner though just something light with plenty of salsa to make it spicy! :D- How about you? What time do you usually eat dinner?

I don't do what a clock tells me to MAN I will eat when I am hungry, I have made lasagna after midnight, get on my level

Sometimes at 8PM-9PM, other times dinner is just lunch the following day.

Whenever I get home. could be anywhere between 6-9 pm

8ish, because that's usually when I get home from my evening classes.

around 5 or 6 pm


About 7 pm or so.


5 PM


My dad makes dinner around 6pm (a long time ago it was more like 9pm), but he doesn't always make dinner and I don't always get up to eat dinner when he makes it. So I might eat "dinner" at any random time of day.


About 9pm or later