Wasserpistole asked 8 months ago

Would you rather be friends with a Hillary or a Donald supporter?


Would you rather be friends with a Hillary or a Donald supporter?

Hillary, for sure. I give all Donald supporters a very, very wide berth. Don't need that kind of energy in my vicinity.

Hillary 💯

Answered by LaDamaX

I do what I want, I friend both and noone is gonna stop me.

Answered by nick

I feel like I could get on with either so long as we didn't talk politics.

I already have friends that are Trump supporters, and I wouldn't mind having Hillary supporters as friends but I feel that they tend to be less than accepting of diversity of thought. I would hate to feel the need to walk on eggshells when around people, e


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Donald support


Answered by xvilyv

"supporter" is a vague word-- what does that mean? they're all gung ho for them? voted for them? prefers one over the other simply bc of two-party allegiance?

in any case: Hillary. Donald supporters are custy and rarely in touch with reality. either that


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Answered by J1smith

I like friends with empathy and I think these individuals are different brands of sociopaths with little to no empathy, but at least Hillary is cunning enough that I can see her fooling supporters, so Hillary

Hillary by far.

Answered by inhahe