Wasserpistole asked 8 months ago

Do you trust Bernie Sanders?


Do you trust Bernie Sanders?

Yeah tbh

I trust ol bernie to give me a good chuckle for running again.

Answered by nick


He seems far better than Trump or Clinton, but I'm very ignorant when it comes to politics so my opinion is quite limited.

I don't trust any politician, especially not one who buys a second summer home and talks about the excesses of the 1%.

I don’t have reason to distrust him— yet.

Answered by LaDamaX

I have a general distrust for sales people, and politicians are sales people.

Answered by Pandy

Lmao, full offense to THE BERNIE BROS, but NO I DO NOT. Here's just one reason why his track record is BAD: Bernie Sanders acknowledged that women were harassed and mistreated by some of his top male staffers in 2016, and get this, he apologized. He demo


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the only old white man I trust

yes but he won't win the nominee to face trump in the election or become the next president

Answered by xvilyv

Absolutely!! There's nothing not to trust about him.

Answered by inhahe

Not completely, but the passion with which Democrats like to trash him to try and derail his campaign is unreal - Hillary is not even in the race and still feels the need to go on TV and talk shit about him...they would rather Trump win than him, and that


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