Wasserpistole asked 5 days ago

Do you love your father?

Deep down - I really don't hate him (I love him). As you know somewhat (It's complex) Sad thing is - part of me wishes I could have a close bond with him and talk. I wish we could hug and bond like father/daughter. He isn't the affectionate type and I can


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Yes, even though he made my life a living hell.


Yes. I love him AND SOMETIMEs, I even LIKE him. He essentially told me I'd be better off if I killed myself during what was one of the most emotionally vulnerable moments of my life, and oBVIOUSLy I'm not rEALLY over that or other shit, some if which is ON


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yes, BUT


i guess, it's a strong word. as i become an old drunk myself i understand him more now:)

I think we've met like twice in my life as a kid, I probably wouldn't recognize him now

No, I don't like him because of the things he's done to my mom. I just tolerate him.


I'd do everything to protect him and I take care of him and I always will as long as I Can because it's in my nature. Not sure if that's love tho.

Yes. he wasn't always there for me but he was always by my side when it mattered most.


I don't particularly hate him, but I don't like him either. I tolerate him.