Daniel asked 21 days ago

Have you ever been really bored of retrospring?


Have you ever been really bored of retrospring?

yes that's why i left it for several days

Answered by xvilyv

Not really. I do get too dePrEsSeD for the Q&A and the internet in general, and sometimes I mistake that for disinterest or dISgUST.

Sure. And thats when I take breaks until I have a desire to come back.

Answered by Pandy


Answered by J1smith

Yes but the format and some of the people here are what keep me coming back. Wish it were livelier.

Now and then...

Answered by Kate

No, but sometimes I don't really feel like reading everyone's answers to questions, I just want to answer questions, but I read people's answers anyway because it wouldn't be fair for me to expect others to read my answers and not read theirs.

Answered by inhahe

Nah, I mean I have complete control over how much I use it, if I want a break I go frighten some small children for a while, and if I want to come back it's there. For now.


Answered by korstybai

if nobody's asking questions sure, but then I just leave and come back another time tbh

Answered by slagathor


Answered by DUST

Yes. It comes and goes

Answered by IAWIA