Daniel asked 21 days ago

Is visual perception the most reliable source of knowledge?


Is visual perception the most reliable source of knowledge?

it could be but some people don't use it

Answered by xvilyv

Good question... its certainly up there. I think the best would probably be seeing it happen with other people of various expertise when it comes to immediately knowing something.

Answered by Pandy

Depends on how to use it well.Go through layers before a conclusion

Answered by J1smith

Maybe. You could argue that touch is more reliable, because you can hallucinate seeing something, while I think it would be harder to hallucinate your hand being blocked in certain places and directions according to the shape of an object..

Answered by inhahe

Vision is our dominant sensing measure, which makes it the one that we heavily rely on. But it is so easy to be tricked, duped and totally fucked up by vision.

Answered by Kate

no, bc your vision can play tricks on you. and even if it's not, your ability to describe what you see with words is usually what limits the transfer of information about that visual scene, and words are really limiting

Answered by slagathor

No. Any "perception" is only surface knowledge.

Where does it leave blind people?

Answered by DUST