Daniel asked 21 days ago

Do you feel judged when you eat meat around vegans?


Do you feel judged when you eat meat around vegans?

if i did i'm sure i would be

Answered by xvilyv

I live with a vegetarian who eats mostly vegan, and I have never felt particularly judged - we both do our own thing (though he does feed me great food sometimes)

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Answered by LaDamaX

No, I eat what I eat and that's that. Matter fact I'd make eye contact too. Aint no shame in my game shrugs

Answered by IAWIA

I try not to do anything in the presence of vegans.

Answered by Penelope

I'm not really self-aware enough to feel judged by others.

I feel judged by existing around vegans.

Answered by Pandy

I don't care

Answered by J1smith

I don't know. I don't remember ever eating meat around people I knew were vegans. But I should be judged for it.

Answered by inhahe

Not that I know. But sometimes I feel judged by sporty-slim body-conscious people when I drink strong ale and eat burgers. They seem to hate me sometimes.

Answered by Kate

The few that I know aren't judgemental like that. They do however like showing off how great their food is or how nice their animal-free clothing looks.

My best girl friend is vegan and she never made me feel that way

Answered by DUST

Most of the vegans I know are laid back when it comes other peoples preferences.

Answered by korstybai

Nope they made their choice and I made mine, om nom nom get your fingers back or they might get eaten too

I don't judge here.