Daniel asked 8 days ago

Would you ever try DMT?


Would you ever try DMT?

Potentially. I'd have to work my way up to it though, because I've never tried any hallucinogenic drugs before, so going straight to DMT would be like jumping into the deep end, except the deep end is the Mariana Trench.

What is a DMT?

Answered by OhFoxes

I draw the line at editables. 80 mgs is more then enough any higher and ur mind is going to the shadow realm for good🙂

I'll try acid and shrooms, DMT sounds too intense for me 😂

Answered by korstybai

I'd kinda like to, but I probably wouldn't because I'm not sure what effect it would have on me. Also I'll probably never have access to DMT anyway.

Answered by inhahe

Sure, in a controlled medical environment.

Answered by Pandy

Hell, yes!

Answered by Penelope

Anything to escape my mind prison for a while


Answered by xvilyv

Probably not. Also fuck Joe Rogan.

You can do self hypnosis with just words and visuals.

Answered by 7amza

One of the normal side effects is intense vomiting ...

Answered by Kate