Daniel asked about 2 months ago

What is the best you can get for 20€(23,68$)?


What is the best you can get for 20€(23,68$)?

8 oz of sweet mexican black tar heroin?


takeout chinese

A steak chimichanga drenched in queso and a couple of Dos Equis, though that opinion is likely the result of recency bias

You can get me and keep $18

Maybe a used Raspberry Pie from eBay. For me one exciting thing about Raspberry Pie is that it can turn a dumb TV into a smart TV.


I might have been able to get a nice block of brown but not anymore

Really awesome food from this place https://yelp.to/qTKq/WgmiH1jVK8

4 4-packs of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso & Cream, or 1 of Chris' hookers probably.

ooo... a simple takeout dinner for two (minus tip)

I can get a Corona test here for that, I can get a ticket for a pool plus spa plus drinks, also I can get me a round trip ticket for a train to the beach, I can get a set of two sixpacks of strong ale, or I could donate it to Beirut citizens. But honestly


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In ear headphones, okay quality.