Daniel asked 6 months ago

Would you eat at a really good restaurant if you knew that the owner is a nazi?


Would you eat at a really good restaurant if you knew that the owner is a nazi?


Answered by xvilyv

Probably not, I'm paranoid enough about waiters spitting in my food

Yes. It's not that I'm a Nazi sympathizer, I like seeing them get punched just as much as the next guy, but I just have no interest in depriving myself of a good time just to avoid indirectly giving someone with some bad ideology a couple more dollars.

Answered by inhahe

No, there'd be no excuse because it's incredibly easy to avoid eating at a known nazi's restaurant. Besides there being plenty of non-nazi restaurants, I can also make my own food.

Only if I could burn the place down as I left without paying tbh

Answered by Pawesome

I would certainly not if I lived in a free country. Even If I lived in Nazi Germany, I wouldn't. Anyway that's not that big a deal 'cause I generally don't eat at restaurants. I try not to consume products/services owned by terrible people. I don't like to


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Answered by Arman

Nope. I really try not to give my money to terrible people.

Answered by Penelope

I would feel weird about it

No. It would affect my appetite.

Man ain't no ribeye worth that feeling

Hmm.... I'm probably a terrible person for this. But my answer is 'possibly'. Like if it was the best restaurant in the world, continent or country and outside of the chef the place was normal. I could see it happening. If the whole operation was nazi orie


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Answered by Pandy

nope, easy avoid. i know so many local restaurants that aren't owned by nazis that i would rather support

I'd say no but I've eaten at Chik fil a more times than I'd care to admit. Fuck Goya tho.