Daniel asked about 2 months ago

What do you ask yourself?


What do you ask yourself?

Lots of stuff. Like, "What happened to wreath-making? It seems like, when I was a kid, people were always crafting their own wreaths."

Just an example

Why are you so awkward? Why don't you take more risks? What are you afraid of? ...

I asked myself earlier if it was really worth my while to flip my lid over something that had happened or whether I was overreacting.

why the fuck I look like that

Normally its just 'whats for dinner?' and 'what the fuck are you doing?'

Everything and more

'What should I do?' 'Am I being unwise?' 'Am I being too cowardly?'

Ist Information wirklich eine Erhaltungsgrösse? Wenn dS >0 gilt kann das nicht so ganz hinhauen....

Why couldn't Dad just have pulled out JFC

why did i make the mistakes i made in the past?

Are you gay ?