Daniel asked about 2 months ago

Do you use a blue light filter at night?


Do you use a blue light filter at night?

I use f.lux on my laptop if that counts, turn on night mode and get a soft warm (adjustable) orange-ish glow

I do on desktop, phone and tablet.

Yes, set automatically on everything between 22:00 and 06:00.

Why would I need a blue light filter at night?



Not anymore. I tried it for a while but nothing really changed.

yeah, I have auto blue light filter on my phone, PC, and laptop, and I also wear glasses with blue light blocking lenses

haha, no.

On my laptop I have an app for that. It's always running . Its intensity changes according to the time of day. On my phone I also have some kind of app but I only use it at nights before sleeping. I don't use my phone very much.

Yes there's one built into my Samsung that I activate for reading on my phone at night.

Yes. (Night Colour in KDE and Night Shift in macOS)

You mean for bugs ?