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Which job do you think you would have 100 years ago?


Which job do you think you would have 100 years ago?

With how it's been going recently, probably a seamstress

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Merchant or trader, I don't like to make an effort without proper income.


Home maker.

My job would probably consist of being the unclaimed body of a suspicious Nancy who used to work at the rubber factory, dead from methanol poisoning.

Or maybe I'd be lucky, and be a young comphet sex worker that a pick pocket, one time brick mason, and sa


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I would have been a madame in a brothel during Prohibition.

i'd probably churn butter or some shit

Maybe some kind of mechanic or manual laborer

"Wench" as a full time occupation


Maybe I wouldn't have survived WW1 ?

Housewife. Living with husband’s family. My daily activities would consist of sweeping leaves off the porch and being criticized by mother in law

chimney sweep or some shit

Brain surgeon