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What do you find really weird about the culture that you live in?


What do you find really weird about the culture that you live in?

The entitlement and this feeling like society is falling a part. Society is doing pretty well, we should show some gratitude for it rather than expect so much.

Answered by Pandy

Their penchant for mourning.

Answered by Arman

The things that girls do to their faces that people apparently think look good, like eye shadow and eyebrow shaping.

Answered by inhahe

The fact that people find raw cookie dough tasty. 🤢

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groups of people who have never been oppressed love to act like they are

Answered by slagathor

That the layers of fake turn into fact after they get covered by more layers of which some are also fake. Culture is sedimentary rock of thin layers of dirt baked together under the pressure of time. So to speak.

Answered by Kate

Extreme violence is okay, even in cartoons for children, but women breastfeeding in public is a subject of controversy.


Answered by Balem

even though collective cooperation is how our species thrived, somehow 'rugged individualism' became a virtue

Probably the religious/political aspect of it, like the conflict between Catholics and Protestants, it's not really like that anymore because a lot of my mates are prods but you can still a find a bit of bitterness - like my ex mates DUP supporter boyfrien


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Das Deutschlands Wunden auch mit der Zeit nicht zu heilen scheinen.