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What was the longest time that you have waited?


What was the longest time that you have waited?

about 20 years

It’s all relative. My coffee? My period? The second coming of Christ?

Answered by LaDamaX

I didn't have access to my laptop for the past month because I was in a military base being trained to be a soldier. I was physically and psychologically in pain the whole time. It was just one month but it sounded interminable tbh.

P.S: In Iran, almost a


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Answered by Arman

Idk bc I refuse to count or measure anything because I'm not a fkn nerd

10 years for a project to succeed

Answered by J1smith

I mean this is all relative, are we talking about for a sandwich at the deli or some purpose in life?

Still waiting.

Answered by inhahe

Still waiting.

Answered by Sirius


Answered by xvilyv

3.5 years.

Answered by Kate

idk, i'm impatient as fuck. if i don't get an email back within a business day you'll be hearing from me

Answered by slagathor