Daniel asked 11 months ago

Have you ever sent a fax?


Have you ever sent a fax?

No, I've never even destroyed someone with fax and and logix

I have.. but I’m older than the fax machine.

Answered by LaDamaX

god, i WISH... it sounds like the type of fun I need in my life rn



Answered by J1smith

Oh yes. We have a fax machine here for some retro designed customers!

No Sir

Answered by Pandy

I don't remember what for, but I know I have. We have a fax machine with its own phone line.

Answered by inhahe

A lot more now than I used to because of certain reasons. Always for reasons involving the government.

Yup. Some confidential stuff can't be scanned and emailed so you need to fax it over. Used it for work. Also when I had to setup automatic payments with my utility company who wouldn't accept my signature any other way.

Once whenever we were learning about office environment in school

No, never. Keine Faxen. Homie ich hab jetzt ein Batmobil, ich bin jetzt erwachsen. Es wird Zeit sich die Hände zu reichen und sich auch unter Männern an die Schwänze zu greifen (No homo) Es ist ein sehr harter Weg von links nach rechts, die Fans da haben g


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A couple of times, at least as of 2015-16 there were at least a couple of states that still had dial-up connections and fax machines to transmit medical insurance information, fun times