Daniel asked 11 months ago

How happy are you with your profile picture?


How happy are you with your profile picture?

Happy enough to keep it.

Answered by Commons

it spice fox


Hi I'm back and capital letters stopped squicking me out at some point in the past few months

It's pretty nice but I guess I could do with a change, it's been a while

Answered by ashy

Yes hilarious

Answered by J1smith

Very happy tbh

Enough to put it up

Answered by Pandy

I have never felt the need to change it tbh

The sizes of the profile pics are too small. 80x80 pixels can actually serve the purpose.

Frau Elizabeth Jane Bishop looks good on that picture in my opinion for sure.

happy. well, 7 or 8 out of 10 because too much of the animation is dark. before it was animated it was just a shot of the bright phase.

Answered by inhahe

Quite happy. That's why it's my profile picture.