Daniel asked 11 months ago

Would you like to be a pretty 18 year old girl that does dance videos on tik tok?


Would you like to be a pretty 18 year old girl that does dance videos on tik tok?

You had me at pretty.

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Answered by LaDamaX

No, but only because TikTok is cringe.

Of those things, the only thing that really appeals to me is being 18 again. If I can keep my self-identity, then yeah. Being young and pretty is marketable, and I could take advantage of that. If I lose my identity, then that's not really me "being" that


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God, no. I can’t think of anything more vacuous. And all those middle-aged men sending awful messages. No, thanks.

Id rather be a twitch thot who sells her bathwater. Missed opportunity.

Younger, prettier, being a woman, can dance, makes money from minimal effort? I see this all as an absolute win!

Answered by Pandy

No, I don't really know what that entails because I don't have any interest in tik tok dance videos or 18-year-old girls. But I can imagine what some of it based on what I've seen from other kinds of near-children that men in their 40s stalk online.

If I


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I'm no dancer tbh, so better not.

I hate my life, life in general and humans but I don't deserve anything that I do not deserve be it good or bad, so no. / Ich hasse mein Leben, das Leben im Allgemeinen und Menschen doch habe ich nichts verdient was ich nicht verdient habe, sei es nun gut


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and subject myself to every manner of slimeball and stalker on the internet? Hard pass


idk about that, people are ruthless on the internet and dance videos are one way to get eaten up so quick if im bad at it


Answered by inhahe